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Unpuzzling the Tangram

Radesky tangramSukeforth tangramThe exhibit featured individual artistic expressions based on the universal dimensions of a tangram.

Each artist designed and created an entity that embraced the most liberal concepts of collage, using the seven geometric shapes found in a traditional tangram.

Jacobs tangramSablan tangram
Sizes of the individual creations varied.

Each artist was free to conceive of her own colors, things, and textures that were attached to the art work and later defined the geometric shapes.


Unpuzzling the Tangram
was exhibited at the following locations:

Manalo tangramJohnson tangramNapa Library,
Napa, CA
February 2006


Solano County Government Center, Fairfield, CA
October-November 2005

Solano County Fair
in Vallejo, CA
July 2005

Rossi tangramCarey tangramFairfield's Center for Creative Arts,
Fairfield, CA
April-June 2005




Artists' Works: from Page Top to Page Bottom
Left: J. Radesky, The Full Catastrophe; 38x20 Right: B. Sukeforth, Moon Over Venice; 26x26
Left: A. Jacobs, Year of the Rooster; 34x34 Right: AM Sablan, Endangered!; 28x28
Left: J. Manalo, Sportgoddess; 36x36 Right: A. Johnson, A Time For Everything; 24x48
Left: R. Rossi; Nostalgia; 26x26 Right: S. Carey, Looking Forward, Looking Back; 20x16

interactive tangramIn addition to each individual tangram work of art, a ‘group’ tangram was created.  It was an inter-active magnetic piece for community involvement designed to provide the exploration of infinite variations of the tangram.

Left: Interactive Community Piece
; 24x30



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