Vacaville Art Gallery
718 E. Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville CA

June 29 - August 7, 2010

The Vacaville Art Gallery hosts the ArtDivas' sixth major exhibition. It consists of Mixed-Media Collage and Assemblage that challenges traditional concepts as well as artwork that visually projects beyond the boundaries of a conventional frame.

Beyond the Frame represents a broad palette of motifs punctuated with abstract and traditional styles. Encounter 25 structures with bones, canvas, fabric, feathers, found objects, glass, paper, paint, plastic, metal, stone, wood.

An interactive installation allows gallery guests to participate in an experience “beyond the frame”. We expect the structure to change over the duration of the exhibit. Follow the evolution on Facebook with the ArtDivas!

Click on images to enlarge. Use cursor over left or right corners of enlarged images to scroll through collection.

HerStory: Cowgirlz Removed by A. Jacobs Glass Ceiling by J. Manalo
Green Tee by A. Sablan Wunder by R. Rossi
Poppies by B. Sukeforth Homage to Georgia O'Keeffe by A. Johnson
Altered Robes by J. Radesky
Reception July 17, 2010
Reception July 17, 2010 Reception July 17, 2010

The ArtDivas identify with this quote from artist Alexander Calder, "Diversity in form, color, size, weight and motion is what makes a composition." Experience for yourself the diversity and disparity in this unique exhibition!

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