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September - November 2008

Fairfield City Gallery

Aquatic Flower by A. Johnson
Annie Johnson
The Mother Earth Quilt by A. Sablan
Anna Maria Sablan
What's It All About by J. Radesky
Jan Radesky
Scorched Planet by R. Rossi
Robin Rossi
What Goes Around by J. Manalo
Janet Manalo
Green Rooftops by B. Sukeforth
Brigitte Sukeforth
Peleula's Dance by A. Jacobs
Ann Jacobs
Notes to Nature

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eARTh Exhibit at the Tsao Gallery at the Davis Art Center - October/November 2009

The ArtDivas, seven Solano county artists, exhibited artwork that reflected their artistic relationship with the earth. Inspiration came from earth’s natural beauty as well as the problems that plague the planet.

The artwork was related by topics but also reflected each individual artist’s unique perspective. For example, in a particular group of pieces, each ArtDiva used copper or some type of copper element. Metals are inherent elements of earth; but how they are consumed, how they are being depleted, or just their natural beauty became the sources of inspiration for each ArtDiva.

The range of artistic expression was visually stimulating while the harmony of similar media made the exhibit cohesive. 

As a mixed-media collage collective, the artists used collage and assemblage techniques throughout the entire 30 piece exhibition. Work was two and three dimensional.

Several inter-active pieces were part of the exhibit, with the purpose of drawing the audience into a participatory role to explore the balance between art and nature.

The ArtDivas were grateful for the support by the Fairfield Visual Arts Association and also for a grant from the City of Fairfield and the Cultural Arts Award Committee.

Artistic Intent: Art can draw awareness to problems to which people have become complacent. The following quote from John Luther Adams encapsulates the ArtDivas’ motivations. “Artists use the tools of perception and imagination to evoke the sound, the light, the feeling of our times and places.”

The ArtDivas provide a vehicle to stimulate the eyes and minds of the public; increase awareness of the need to respect natural resources; demonstrate innovative uses for common, found and recycled objects to create intricate and original works of art; and provide information via their website for other individuals or groups to pursue artistic expression.

eARTh Exhibit by the ArtDivas

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eARTh Exhibit by ArtDivas

What People Said About the September 2008 eARTh Exhibit at the Fairfield City Gallery

The preview is fantastic and wonderful job on the web presence-extremely well done. Madame P and I will be down. Thanks so much to the Divas for enriching our lives-great stuff (love the globe piece) Kev and Pam

Murmurs from the crowd at the Reception: "A first-class exhibit ... intellectually challenging and artistically interesting ... so many different interpretations ... beautifully put together ... I'm speechless ... I've never seen anything like this ... the (artists') statements are as powerful as the art ... the Divas did a lot of planning for this great exhibit, which has such diversity."

Hi Jan, I just wanted to let you know I went to the art exhibit yesterday and was very impressed.  You have talented people in your group who have some powerful messages.  I especially liked your Beauty Beneath--with all the sand and seashells.  Anyway, congratulations to you all. Esther

Hi, That is a very professional looking set up. Things are set like a museum or high level gallery. Your team did a wonderful job on their images and presentation. This show should bring super reviews,great recognition for your members, and there should be many pieces bought. Outstanding effort!!!!!!

I LOVE the eARTH exhibit!!! Annie's Johnson's piece with the sand moved me to tears, it reminded me of my grandson's plight with Iraq. Everyone  today, commented on your bottle cap piece! Your concepts are amazing to me, Janet. I'm very interested in buying the rusted metal piece with the wind chimes, I forget who's piece it is, but I can picture it on my fence in my backyard. Pam S.

Hello ArtDivas! My husband, Ed, and I went to the Gallery to see the eARTh exhibit today. Although we will be attending the reception on the 27th, we wanted to be able to take in all of the art without distraction, so we went today. What a fabulous exhibit with such diversity of expression! Whether subtle or more apparent, each piece has its own statement, adding to the complexity of the whole show.Well Done! And what a terrific display---layout is visually appealing and atmospherically pleasing. See you all on the 27th! Suzanne B.

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